Washing Recycling Line

YOUXIN Plastic Machinery is a professional manufacturer in China, we produce plastic crusher ,plastic shredder and plastic washing recycling line,out plastic machines mainly applied in the field of waste plastic crushing,washing and dewatering. Rely on research and development ability and rich industries experience ,YOUXIN plastic machinery customized plastics recycling solutions to customers with high quality and excellent performance.

What is a Washing Recycling Line?

Washing recycling line is a system capable of sorting grinding ,washing ,cleaning and drying post-consumer plastic waste,the output is cleaned plastic flakes. The plastic washing recycling line is an accurate clearing of plastic material specially suited for LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, Etc.

YOUXIN’s plastic washing Recycling line are build with the best materials for less wearing of the structure of the machine and consequentially less maintenance and less lost in time. All the motor in the washing recycling line is pure copper wire motor,and all the machines in the washing and recycling line are controlled by the electric cabinet.Customized solution is available, we will be glad to give you the right plastic washing and recycling line for your business.

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  • The PET Washing Recycling Line is designed and manufactured by YOUXIN Plastic Machinery,which is specially produced for crushing and washing dirty PET bottle materials, such as home appliance plastics, groceries plastics, PET bottles, PE milk bottles, oil bottles, PP bottles, etc.. The PET bottle recycling line is working with high efficiency, working stable, large capacity etc.

  • The Waste Plastic Washing Recycling Line is designed and manufactured by YOUXIN Plastic Machinery,which is important waste plastic recycling equipment in plastic recycling process, is widely used for waste plastic PP/PE film, PP woven bags, PP jumbo bags, PP containers, HDPE drums, PP/PE pallets, PET bottles, PP bottles etc. The waste dirty material go through crushing ,washing,drying process will turn to be clean flakes for reusing of pelletizing.

Youxin is a professional Chinese Washing Recycling Line manufacturer, supplier, and factory that specializes in producing high-quality, customized, advanced, and durable Washing Recycling Line. As a manufacturer based in China, Youxin leverages the country's advanced manufacturing industry and ample resources to produce high-quality Washing Recycling Line. The company has a team of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art production facility that enables them to meet the needs of both domestic and international clients.
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