E-waste Plastic Shredder

YOUXIN Plastic Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying of various plastic shredders,such as E-waste plastic shredders,plastic drum shredders,plastic film shredders,plastic net shredders,plastic pallets shredders. Our plastic shredders are widely used in all aspects of the waste plastic recycling and processing industry.

What are the applications of E-waste plastic shredders ?

E-waste plastic shredder is one of the most important machine in waste plastic recycling.This machines is suit for a wide variety of plastic waste.

Large household appliances shell: refrigerator shells,washing machine shells,air conditioner shells,etc.

IT and Telecommunications Equipment: Computers, printers, telephones, mobile phones, etc.

Consumer Electronics: Televisions, radios, cameras, etc.

How does a E-Waste Plastic Shredders work?

A E-waste plastic shredder is a machine used to shedding large or heavy plastics into smaller plastic scraps. When the raw material put into the shredder ,the shaft with cutters ,which is driven by the motor and strengthened by the gearbox,will shear the material at a low-speed.The out put is smaller and manageable for the second crushing and washing. Then the cleaned plastic flakes can be separated into different sorts.

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  • YOUXIN Plastic Machinery is one of the well-known enterprises in China, which is professional in manufacturing plastic shredders. The E-waste plastic shredder for electric appliance is one of the main products, which is known as high production, strength body, good quality, long-time durable, few maintain.

  • YOUXIN Plastic Machinery is the Chinese manufacturer, which is deeply in designing and providing E-waste plastic shredders. The E-waste plastic shredder for electric appliance is specially designed for shredding the WEEE waste, such as Electric appliance shells, Cell cases, computer shells, TV shells, large hollow plastic container, plastic barrels, plastic buckets, plastic tanks, plastic drums, plastic pallets, plastic board, plastic circuit board and so on

Youxin is a professional Chinese E-waste Plastic Shredder manufacturer, supplier, and factory that specializes in producing high-quality, customized, advanced, and durable E-waste Plastic Shredder. As a manufacturer based in China, Youxin leverages the country's advanced manufacturing industry and ample resources to produce high-quality E-waste Plastic Shredder. The company has a team of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art production facility that enables them to meet the needs of both domestic and international clients.
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