PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher from YOUXIN plastic machinery is an essential requirement in the waste plastic recycling industry as proper crushing plays a crucial role in determining the results of hard plastic recycling efforts.We anticipate your cooperation.

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Product Description

Introduction of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher has the characteristics of large crushing capacity, low noise, uniform crushing, stable performance and so on. Different models can be configured according to customer needs. Large diameter heavy-duty crusher can be used to crush large plastic products and large plates.

Product Parameter of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher
Usage Method Reduce Plastics into small size
Motor Power 37KW
The cover opening method Manual
Qty of rotating blades 6PCS
Qty of fixed blades 4PCS
Rotor dia. 450mm
Shaft Length 800mm

Features of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

1-Design: The PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher is designed with a sturdy frame and powerful motor to ensure efficient and consistent shredding and crushing performance.

2-Blades: The machine is equipped with durable and sharp blades that can easily shred and crush hard plastic waste into small pieces or pellets.

3-Capacity: The machine can handle large volumes of hard plastic waste, making it a cost-effective solution for recycling plastic waste.

4-Energy efficiency: The machine is designed with energy-saving components and materials to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

5-Customization: The machine can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Application of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher is specially design for PP PE plastics. It can be used to crush and recycle other waste plastics, such as plastic boxes,plastic containers,plastic trays,plastic pallets,plastic containers,plastic barrels,plastic drums,plastic bucket,plastic chairs,thin pipes, blow moulding parts, bottles, household shells, household plastics, etc.

Detail of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher


Use the big roller bearing ensure durable use, bearing house is installed outside the chamber so no dirty goes inside which prolong the lifespan.


Pure copper motor output stability efficiency is higher.

03 Thickened screen

Hole size can according to customer standard.

04 High-quality blades

The plastic crusher blade is thick wear-resistant,durable.

Quality of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

We have advanced CNC machine center,testing equipment, and professional technician team to ensure the quality of our Plastic crusher.

Professional of PP PE Hard Plastic Crusher

OEM and ODM are available.

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