PC Hard Plastic Crusher

PC Hard Plastic Crusher

YOUXIN® plastic machinery’s PC Hard Plastic Crusher is specifically engineered to handle the tough demands of crushing PC hard plastics. The plastic crushers have obtained widespread acceptance by its superior performance, reliability, safety features, ease of use. You can rest assured to buy PC Hard Plastic Crusher from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Introduction of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

PC Hard Plastic Crusher's sturdy construction combined with adjustable blade settings ensures reliable performance throughout extended usage periods.Whether it's processing industrial recycling or assisting injection molding operations by efficiently reusing materials, our crushers will meet your needs.

Product Parameter of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

PC Hard Plastic Crusher
Usage Method Reduce Plastics into small size
Motor Power 15KW
The cover opening method Manual
Qty of rotating blades 6PCS
Qty of fixed blades 4PCS
Rotor dia. 360mm
Shaft Length 650mm

Features of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

1- Equipped with cutting-edge features, this crusher ensures precise and uniform grinding of ABS hard plastics.

2- Its powerful motor provides high-speed rotation, enabling quick and efficient crushing operations.

3- The machine's sturdy blades are designed to withstand heavy-duty usage without compromising on performance or durability.

Application of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

PC Hard Plastic Crusher can be used to crush and recycle about all waste plastics, such as plastic boxes,plastic containers,plastic trays,plastic pallets,plastic containers,plastic barrels,plastic drums,plastic bucket,plastic chairs,thin pipes, blow moulding parts, bottles, household shells, household plastics, etc.

Detail of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

01 Spindle Rotor

V-type strong blade bed with Strong power and crush fast.

02 High quality motor

High quality all Copper motor with Smooth output, Strong Power.

03 Thickened screen

Various size of screen can be chosen.

04 High-quality blades

The blade adopts high strength alloy tool steel.

Quality of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

We have advanced CNC machine center,testing equipment, and professional technician team to ensure the quality of our Plastic crusher.

Professional of PC Hard Plastic Crusher

OEM and ODM are available.

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