Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher
  • Plastic HDPE Pipe CrusherPlastic HDPE Pipe Crusher
  • Plastic HDPE Pipe CrusherPlastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

Zhejiang YOUXIN plastic machinery Co., Ltd is a company that specializes in producing various plastic machinery, including plastic HDPE pipe crushers. These crushers are designed to process Waste high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, which are commonly used in water supply and drainage systems due to their durability and resistance to corrosion.

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Product Description

Introduction of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

A plastic HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) pipe crusher is a machine designed to shred or crush plastic pipes made of HDPE. HDPE is a durable and commonly used material for pipes in various applications, including water supply, drainage systems, and industrial pipelines. The crusher is used to break down waste or unwanted HDPE pipes into smaller pieces or granules, facilitating recycling or disposal.

Product Parameter of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher
Usage Method Reduce waste HDPE pipe into small size
Motor Power 75KW
The cover opening method Hydraulic
Qty of rotating blades 15PCS
Qty of fixed blades 4PCS
Rotor dia. 600mm
Shaft Length 1000mm
Screen mesh 20mm

Features of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

1. Large power with high effective;

2. Easy operate with high capacity

3. High quality thick carbon steel

4. Blade material use 9CrSi or SKD-II

5. Independent electrical control box,with CHINT Electrical components,Over-load protection.

Real-time current and voltage display .

Application of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher is used for crushing waste plastic pipes, such as HDPE Pipe,PVC Pipe ,PPR pipe ,waste sewage pipe , waste plastic water pipe,plastic gas pipe, Large household appliances shells/ inner container Automobile bumpers Plastic pallet Hollow plastic containers Injection product PE, PP, PVC, PET, RUBBER, ABS, PC etc. or as an auxiliary machine of injection moulding machine to crush and reuse unwanted plastics .

Detail of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

01 Spindle Rotor

V-type strong blades design can decentralize working load when granulating to increase cutting efficiency.

02 Hardness blades

thick wear-resistant,durable

03 The bottom of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

High quality Pure copper motor output stability efficiency is higher.

04 Thickened screen

Customized high-quality and stable screen can be customized screen aperture.

05 Bearing Seat

Protective bearing covers to avoid foreign contamination entering the bearing housing.

06 Motor pulley and V-belt

Heavy motor pulley with high-quality V-belt to make the machine working strong and stability.

Quality of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

We have advanced CNC machine center,testing equipment, and professional technician team to ensure the quality of our Plastic crusher.

Professional of Plastic HDPE Pipe Crusher

OEM and ODM are available.


Our crusher has many models. According to material size and discharge size.

Recommend different equipment models. Please contact us for details.

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