Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

For over a decade, Zhejiang YOUXIN® plastic machinery has specialized in manufacturing high-quality waste PET bottle Plastic crushers.We have obtained various domestic and foreign certifications,such as CE and patent.Look forward to your cooperation.

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Product Description

Introduction of Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

This YOUXIN Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher has a good performance of crushing the PET bottles with water. Long-term operation is not a problem for this plastic crusher, because of the strong frame, shaft and blades.

Product Parameter of Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher
Usage Method Reduce PET bottles into small size
Motor Power 37KW
The cover opening method Manual
Qty of rotating blades 6PCS
Qty of fixed blades 4PCS
Rotor dia. 450mm
Shaft Length 800mm

Features of Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

1. All the plastic crushers are past the running test before delivery.

2. Straight and fixed knives, with three sets of rotating knives on the rotor.

3. The bearing is mounted outside the frame,with easy maintenance.

4. The bottom can be installed with screw conveyor or belt conveyor.

Application of Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

Waste PET bottle Plastic crusher is designed to crushing waste plastic PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, plastic juice bottles, Post-consumer drink bottle,plastic cola bottles,PET oil bottles,etc.

Detail of Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher

01 High-strength Blades

High-strength alloy tool steel, which has a high hardness and robust wear resistance, is used to make the blades. The blades are reusable and can be sharpened again.

To stop screw wear from prolonged usage, they are equipped with internal hexagonal screw countersunk holes.

02 Screen and the frame

The screen is fixed by the strong frame,when the Plastic Crusher running the frame can promise the screen in the right place without move.

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