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  • YOUXIN® plastic machinery Co.,Ltd offers a variety of long life post-consumer PET bottle plastic crushers. These crushers are designed to effectively crush and grind post-consumer PET bottles into a powder or small pieces, which can then be used to create new products. The company offers different models of crushers with varying capacities and power requirements, so customers can choose the one that best suits your needs. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

  • As a professional manufacturer in China, YOUXIN® plastic machinery have many experiences of research and development in Waste Plastic Tank Crusher . That ensures our plastic crusher with good quality and can face long-time working. Welcome to call us for more details.

  • YOUXIN® plastic machinery is a professional manufacturer in producing Waste Plastic Recycling Crushers.All our plastic crushers are have good quality , Stable performance and Beautiful appearance.Welcome to call us for more details.

  • The Plastic Zigzag Label Separator manufactured by YOUXIN Plastic Machinery, is using for final PET flakes is used to classify label scraps and fine dust from plastic bottle flakes by air cyclone. Working theory is also according to different density. The technology is adopted from Europe. Labels remove rate can be up to 98%.

  • The Plastic Electrostatic Separator manufactured by YOUXIN Plastic Machinery, is Intelligent separation, ultra-high purity, efficient separation, safe and stable. The electrostatic separator is mainly used in: resource recycling park, waste household appliance dismantling, small household appliance splitting and recycling industry, waste plastic recycling and other industries sorting ABS/PS/SUBMERGED PP, ABS/ABS alloy/PC, PS/PET/PVC, PA/PE/PO, etc

  • The Silicone Rubber Plastic Separator manufactured by YOUXIN Plastic Machinery, is designed for silicone rubber and plastic with many impurities, low sorting purity, small production capacity, high power consumption, troublesome operation, pollution and inability to sort, with High-efficiency and energy-saving motors to reduce energy consumption. One-time sorting is completed, which is convenient and fast, and one person can work.

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